Testimonials for Prairie Serenity Holistic Healing

Testimonials for Prairie Serenity Holistic Healing

Thank-you to my clients who shared testimonials of their  healing sessions with Prairie Serenity Holistic Healing. Because of the confidential nature of my practice, this is the only way others looking for assistance will hear about your experiences. Each session is unique, as the client sets the intention . If you are considering a session, feel free to read this section. As always, I am a call or email away to answer your questions.

Melony Dew  B. Msc., Reiki Master

I was at a point in my life that I just didn’t know how to cope with day to day things. It always felt like something heavy was sitting on my chest, like there was a huge lump in my throat, and on a really bad day I almost didn’t know how to breath anymore. It was suggested by a few close family members at different points in time, that maybe it was time I consider talking to my doctor about anti-depressants. Now don’t get me wrong, there may come a point in your life that the only way to get to next week is by the use of medication and that’s okay. But I wasn’t ready for it.

So one day I was visiting my local library and saw a class for meditation. I should mention that I didn’t really have a clue about meditation. But I signed up. So the day of the class comes, I show up. It’s a pretty big group being lead by Melony. So we get into the meditation and at some point I can feel a tear run down my cheek. By the time it was over I was full fledge crying. I have no idea why it happened, why those tears came, I could never explain it to you. But it happened. Now I am in group of strangers and they are about to open their eyes and all I can think is how fast can I get out of here, could I get out before anyone noticed (oh god it’s impossible we were sitting in a circle, everyone was going to see). The first chance I had I bolted out the door. Why? Because I was ashamed of those tears. I did take about 3 seconds to grab Melony’s business card though. So yay for me right.

It took a few days for me to message Melony, because she was one of the strangers in that room. I thought, would she think I was strange, that there was something wrong with me that I cried during that meditation. Yeah I was still ashamed of those tears.

I have now had a few sessions with Melony. I can’t explain to you what it is she does. To me it seems like magic (hahaha). I have cried in her home, and I have laughed with her. But most importantly I have learned I am not broken. I have learned that I am not the only person in the world with pain. I guess I am kind of normal, I mean I am still a bit strange but my feelings aren’t so individualized to me anymore. Sometimes she can put into words exactly what it is that goes through my brain and that still seems bizzare to me because for most of my life I felt alone with that.

Melony will chat with you before she gets to work with the holistic healing, she will give you the tools to not just survive but heal your mind and your body. I will forever be grateful to myself for taking a chance even if I was afraid. I will forever be grateful to my local library for hosting such programs. I will forever be grateful that Melony found her calling.


Melony truly has a gift! I’ve tried reiki a few different times with other people and no one helped me like Melony has! I felt so calm, at peace, focused for weeks after. Also I had no trouble falling into a deep sleep for weeks after as well. Highly recommend her to anyone, especially if you’re a sufferer of anxiety and depression like myself.

Penny – Online Review

“I contacted Melony last February for energy healing. I had never met her nor did she know anything about me or my situation. She asked only that I set an intention and she then worked her magic. I say magic because Melony was spot on with her reading. She sensed deep blockages and help remove them. I felt the release in my physical body as she was working on me from afar. Again, we never met. We never even spoke. She was simply working from my photo and her strong intuition. Melony has a beautiful gift and I recommend her sessions to everyone.”

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Over the course of my spiritual journey I have had numerous readings, sessions and Reiki. I choose to call all people who actually do what they say they can,”Genuine”. I recently had a session with Melony and found her to be not only genuine, but “Extraordinary.” She listens, shows an incredible understanding for everyone. As a result of my session with her, I have once again been able to move forward to another level of confidence.My experience with Melony was nothing short of life changing.”


I have known Melony for many years, both socially and professionally.   I have heard her talk excitedly about her work in dietary supplements and I have been around as she first spoke of her interest in holistic healing.  It as been a unique opportunity to witness a true evolution of mind and spirit as she became the healer she is today; I have spent more than my share of time in discussion with her regarding the nature of happiness, anger, resentment, addiction, couples, families and more; and how these affect our ability to become mature and content adults.  I have been the beneficiary of skills in Reiki as she practiced upon friends and family and I ‘hid’ ailments from her in order to test her abilities to discover them on her own.
After such a long association with her, it seemed natural to enlist her help in my latest health issue as it first began to manifest.  I had returned home after several weeks away for work purposes.  Earlier that day I had begun experiencing pain in my leg and my hip that could only be described as severe and debilitating.  Since we currently live separated by almost 1000 km, we opted for a distance treatment. I lay relaxed in my own private space (although that is not required) while Melony worked through a healing session.  Once it was complete we made contact by phone and she told me, “Your hip is pretty messed up and you will need to see your doctor, but I am even more concerned with what is going on with your chest.  Make sure you ask about that.”
Several weeks of medical testing, surgery and laboratory analysis passed before I received a diagnosis.  I had “High Risk Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma” and was facing a very challenging treatment schedule.  The disease was stage 4 and had metastasized into tumours in my left femur (resulting in the fracture that caused my pain, and a total hip replacement), my pelvis, testicles, kidneys, adrenal glands, lungs, ribs, skull and lymph nodes.
Over the last year I have been treated by General Practitioner Physicians, Neurologists, Oncologists, Radiologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physio Therapists, Nurses, Nurse practitioners and more as I have suffered through 2 major surgeries, 11 chemotherapy, 32 oncology radiation treatments, stem cell transplant, partial paralysis and more pain than you could fit in your average sized bucket.  Through all of this I always knew that I could depend on my one faithful Holistic Healer when I needed her treatment.  There are some kinds of pain that don’t respond well to morphine, or to OxyContin, or to gabapentin, or any of the other concoctions I have been on.  Holistic pain relief comes with a sense of satisfaction and peace that chemical doses don’t provide.   Just as chemotherapy and morphine are the correct treatments, without substitute, when I need them; Reiki was the one and only correct treatment when that was what I needed. Melony is an important part of my health care team and is critical to me when I need what she can provide.  Caring, empathy and compassion are in abundant supply when you receive healing from Melony.

Derrick – Alberta

‘Melony is a gifted healer. She is the real deal. She is connected and beautiful. She knew stuff from my past, also was spot on, regarding my health, everything she said, has happened.. go to the best, and she will help you, you will be blessed to connect with her. I am so grateful to her, for her help, and guidance.”

Rebecca Hay
Victoria, B.C

“I experienced a distance healing session from Melony. I didn’t know exactly when it was going to take place in advance, but when it started, I knew immediately. I felt my body releasing tension and emotion in the form of breath and tears of relief. It was a very powerful experience. Afterwards, she sent an email with her interpretation of the session – all her comments were insightful and on point. I recommend Melony very highly as a healer!”

“I was recently invited to review a metaphysical healing treatment offered by Melony Dew, who obtained her Bachelor Degree in Metaphysics from Sedona University. Although I am open to holistic and natural healing, I will be honest, I had no idea what metaphysical healing even was. So for those of you out there who need some clarification, here’s a brief overview:

“Metaphysical healing is based on the belief that negative mental patterns, left unchecked, can eventually result in physical disease or illness; and that the reversing of those negative mental patterns into positive patterns can in turn lead to healing.” Wisegeek.com

During the treatment I felt extremely relaxed. Melony explained exactly what she would be doing and set me at ease to just let things come as they happened, as long as I was comfortable with that. I didn’t expect to experience anything exceptionally mind-blowing; however, when I began seeing vivid colour and swirling motion behind my eyelids, I found the courage to ask what this meant. The colours, apparently, related to my chakras and the swirling motion I saw was energy! The most profound part of this was when Melony removed her hands from above me to add oils, the swirling stopped only to return when she got back into position. There’s a lot that I don’t understand about this kind of healing and, in all honesty, even after leaving the healing room, I was still not sure what it was that had happened. What I did know though, was that I felt unexplainably happy, relaxed and energized at the same time! Thank you Melony for a wonderful and enlightening experience!”


“I was very impressed with Melony. I has a distance treatment so I never got to meet in person but got very good energy and for her very professional in all our transactions. As for the treatment there were new emotional blockages that were uncovered as well as the same old issues that I tend to deal with. I felt like I was also able to move forward with more clarity with the intention I set going into the treatment. I would recommend a treatment from Melody if you need help moving forward with ease and clarity with any issue.”


Thank you Melony for seeing me. Your place was easy to find. I love the dogs. Your manner and environment was pleasant and I felt at ease and relaxed. I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew you would be guided to do what ever needs to be done. You moved a lot of “heavy” energy for me and was good to talk some of it out with you. You offered suggestions that I knew I was not addressing (am now :)). The next day I felt so good, like I was brought back to balance and focus.  Thank you so much.”


“Melony! First of all, I am so grateful for your gift and your ability to convey whats going on deeper and with more clarity than I am able to put into words. We worked on my physical ills, but as everyone knows things usually go deeper than just the dis-ease. Thank you for your kind, in depth sharing of what was showing about me and your clearing out, You are definitely someone worth working with to get to the heart of the matter (heart chakra included) I will definitely “be back” in about 6 months to further releasing and healing. thank you.”

Washington, DC

“I had never had an energy healing done, let alone one from a distance before meeting Melony. I just knew I was looking forward to it. Melony was so caring and lovely from the outset… I felt like she was a true, loving conduit, explaining the entire process, what may come up for me and how to care for myself. Not being in the same room or even the same city yet being able to convey such calm, positive emotion is a gift, and she has it. I have an internal litmus test, when people say things that feel true to my soul my eyes well up with tears. And her reading did just that for me. I’m grateful and continue to be mindful of the gifts she was able to provide. I will see her again and highly recommend you do the same. In love, “

Alicia Mejia, Worldwide Love Story

“First of all my overall pain and tension level is so much less than when the session started. The first technique felt as if I was going through a “dry car wash” with the dust in my nooks and crannies being brushed away. Really liked it. The breathing and releasing down my spine was very effective. Your touch was gentle , yet I was aware of the differences of each technique. Felt like you knew what you were looking for and finding with each release. I could feel my body relaxing more and more with each placement of hands. I felt alot of energy moving around my hips. I felt very sure of your abilities and very comfortable with everything you were doing. Feel so much more relaxed with less pain.”

Margaret – Tennessee

“I put my hand up for a distance healing session with Melony who I connected with through an online group. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I’d been having some physical and emotional issues for many years which have just kept coming up over and over. Melony picked up on that and in her written response to me after doing the healing, she noted several of these areas with clarity. She gave me some simple practical tools for addressing them physically and emotionally. One thing I’ll mention was that she recommended that I need more loving feminine support in my life, and at the time I thought “yeah sure” and moved on. But in the last few weeks I was invited to a women’s moon circle, with a group of women who I mostly didn’t know. I joined them for a full moon celebration in a tipi. They had set up a beautiful altar and the fire was burning in the centre. It was the most connecting ritual I have been part of in years, and I went home with new friends and closeness to other women, something I had been lacking but hadn’t really been aware of. So thank you Melony, I feel you have connected me to these beautiful women and grown my support network where I am living by leaps and bounds. Many thanks.”

H. Schenker
Auckland, New Zealand

“Awesome! Melony started with”the book” a message I have heard before and should probably start paying attention to. A book of love and acceptance that comes through challenges. Melony had much more to say , all positive and loving about my new life and fantastic journey with my new family. Melony had an energy that I did not want to disconnect from. Fantastic!”

Georgia , United States

“Melony was wonderful. Loved how she picked up on what is going on in my life now. Her energy is great! I felt like she touched on so many things. She confirmed some things I already knew.”

Tammy Sue