Anxiety, Depression, Pain and Energy Healing

Anxiety, depression and pain…oh my. As a Reiki Master and Energy Healer I know these culprits plague many people. Life can be hard. At times it might be overwhelming. There is a general unease in the air that many are feeling deeply. This causes all that deep rooted emotional baggage to bubble up. It also magnifies current emotional turmoil.

You may have noticed “old stuff” ,coming up to the surface again. It emerges in thoughts and perhaps dreams. Have you found yourself saying “I’m good, I dealt with that already!”

When old issues come up  in a session ,clients sometimes are frustrated and feel they are caught in an endless loop. It’s not true. We deal with things in layers. If it rises again, it is good news. It allows us to go deeper from a new level of awareness. We hold emotional trauma in our body. They can sit as emotional irritants or cause pain. It is your bodies way of communicating with you. Maybe when you experienced them the first time, you were unable to deal with them. You can deny, numb or stuff your feelings, eat your feelings or perhaps lash out, Sometimes we medicate, work more, push harder, drink or get high, just to cope. Unfortunately these are just bandaid solutions.

In a previous blog I discussed emotions such as sadness, grief, anxiety and depression as energetically vibrating at a lower frequency. As such, they settle into the body and need to be released. If unattended they continue to cause issues, even if you choose to suppress them.

As a Reiki Master and Metaphysical Practitioner, I have used various healing modalities with amazing success. I do not claim to be a doctor or psychiatrist, nor do I advise you give up traditional medicine if it is working for you. There are complimentary methods of healing that get excellent results. Depending on the client and the session I generally start with Holy Fire Reiki. If an emotional issue presents itself, I intuitively introduce Applied Kinesiology , Colour and Sound Healing, Crystals and Essential Oils. All of these change the vibrating frequencies and aid in releasing emotions and faulty thoughts that no longer serve you. We talk, as little or as much as you need. There might be tears, lots of them.

You never need to worry about what comes up for healing in a session. Your privacy is protected. If you aren’t ready to deal with it, it won’t come up in a session. You are your own healer. I am a conduit to your Higher Power and am here to assist you. If you have questions, please contact me.

Lotsa Love,