Theta Healing – Digging Through The Layers and Healing

I shared with many of you,my experiences taking my Basic DNA Theta Healing training. While digging through some of my layers for healing, I made some startling realizations.

When I was a little kid I entered that classic “ But why??” phase. You know the one where you give a really good answer and then it is met with another, you guessed it.. .but why? Well I never grew out of that. My analytical brain loves details and stats and but why’s. It also takes everything ,tosses and turns it and digestsit into little details. It is all in an effort to make sense of things. Or is it ?

It actually has less to do with making sense of things and more to do with gathering information that I can use to better predict future outcomes or situations. The more I can learn , the more possible scenarios I can formulate, the more prepared I can be for whatever transpires. You know, be ready, have a plan (or two) so I’m not caught off guard.

The only problem is it doesn’t work. It is a coping mechanism I developed as a child. A classic trait shared by many others I have discovered “In The Rooms”. As a child of parent living with addiction my life was unpredictable and chaotic. The over analyzing was a pretty solid attempt at building security into my little world. However it is also deep rooted in control and other unhealthy tendencies.It no longer is in my best interest.

That constant churning of the mind is a trap. If you are rehashing the past you spend a whole lot of time tied up in what ifs and coulda, shoulda, woulda. Most guilt and resentment reside here. And here’s the thing… you can stew on it all you want. You can not change it.

I spent countless hours scoping out the future, you know… to be prepared. I’m here to tell you that it is a waste. Very few of the things I festered on, came to pass as I had predicted. It gave me a whole lot of stress and anxiety, but no solid results. Here’s the gem here…what ever is going to happen is going to happen.

I haven’t figured it all out. I am working hard on acceptance and letting go. Sometimes I let go , with claw marks all over it. Sometimes I let go for a bit, then pick it back up again. But I do realize more quickly when I am carrying a problem that isn’t mine. I feel its weigh and I put it back down. Progress in layers.

For what it’s worth , here is what I know to be true for me. I believe that things work out eventually, just as they should. I have received gifts from situations I felt at the time would crush me. I have to stay in the present…it is the only place I am effective and where the magic lives. The people in my life deserve that. I don’t use what I have learned as an excuse for not living every day to its fullest. The “no sense trying , it’s all out of my hands anyway philosophy” is crap. I am a powerful co-creator in my life. It is my responsibility to give it my all and use my gifts everyday. I am on a fabulous journey, I just don’t get to drive the bus alone. It is better left to a higher power that actually knows the destination. I have on occasion taken the wheel and drove right into on coming traffic. I do get to decorate the bus and fill it with incredible travel mates, make suggestions on destinations and I get to run the radio. That I am good at.

I so appreciate the healing and insights I received in my Theta Healing class. I am looking forward to another weekend of Advanced Theta Healing. As the saying goes “healer, heal thyself”

By digging deep and healing myself, I am in the position to better help my clients. Not only from a deep understanding for your process, but as a stronger channel for your healing. Maybe some of my tougher lessons can serve to make your journey easier. I am excited to incorporate this amazing healing modality to the services I offer. Safe travels.

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