Reiki Master -Ten Years In The Making

It is time.This week I will complete my training as a Reiki Master/Teacher in Usui Holy Fire Reiki. I’m jumping on a plane and heading to Rochester New York to spend time with my special friend Danielle. I met this bright light of a woman in Georgia in 2014. We attended Delphi University of Spiritual Studies together. I was blessed to have her as a roommate. This was a life changing time for me .The group was made up of incredible people from as far away as Lebanon and Thailand, with me being the only Canadian student. Most of us were healers and light workers in various ways. I told my son that I have never felt such a sense of belonging. I went on to say that I wasn’t even weird there, that all my friends smelled like essential oils, talked to angels and carried rocks in their pockets ! I joke , but seriously when I started as a Reiki Practitioner in Estevan nearly ten years ago, I was viewed with extreme skepticism. So much so, that I started only telling family and close friends.

We spent the time meditating, walking , laughing, crying,eating, growing, sharing and immersed in a world of energy and learning. Our bond was strong. I felt without a doubt these people were hand picked for me and each shared a valuable lesson.

The years have passed and the core of this group remains closer than ever. We keep in touch, support each other, send healing and prayers when one of us needs support. We applaud and celebrate each others accomplishments. I have no doubt if I needed anything, one of these beauties would be there.

So my adventure begins as I do a hopscotch of plane rides to Danielle’s home. The days to follow will be nothing short of amazing as I complete my Reiki Masters and Teachers qualifications in Usui/Holy Fire Reiki. The kicker is I will be with Danielle and her Mom Carole who are both Masters. So there will be the awesomeness of energy passed from one generation to another, not just through Reiki lineage and from someone who I consider my Soul Sister.

I am feeling blessed beyond words.. but alas I must go. Last minute laundry and a flurry of packing await !

Lotsa Love ,