Energy Healing – Are you curious about an energy healing session?

People often ask “ What exactly do you do in an energy healing session?”

While it seems like a simple question, the answer is so complex it becomes difficult to answer. I work as an energy healer. The space in which the session takes place is very sacred and the healing energy comes from the Higher Power that I call God. You do not need to have a specific belief system for it to work. The energy healing is for you and I am a channel for energy to facilitate your healing. The best description I have heard goes like this:

You need light (healing).

You find a lamp (that’s me).

Without electricity the lamp can not provide light.

We plug the lamp into the electrical circuit (I connect to the life force energy) and we have light.

So how does energy healing work?

First of all during the session, you are fully clothed on a massage table.  My hands are slightly above your body. Your job is to relax and open your energy to the healing. I work on balancing your chakras (you have seven energy centres) and I can check for misalignments to start the session.Energy healings can also be physical or emotional, sometimes both. Faulty thoughts we have carried too long can show up as physical ailments. The energy is drawn through me and goes where it is needed, that is Reiki. Most noteworthy , it can be done in person or via long distance. I work with several clients from other countries that I have not been in the same room with.

Sometimes I will sense blockages and know the energy needs to be cleared. I use various methods to assist the healing process. I might do some breath work to move stagnant energy, trance healing, colour and sound therapy, and aromatherapy. Each session is unique and I often can sense an energy shift as I pass over an area with my hands. By talking with you I can figure out what we are dealing with. If you feel uncomfortable, usually a memory or feeling has been triggered and we work through it together.

What methods will you use in the session ?

I am an empath and often can feel certain things during a session. Working with my clients, I am able to decide what the message is for you. Sometimes sessions are very interactive, and sometimes very peaceful. You may just feel an incredible sense of serenity, or some warmth or tingling. Some clients go into a deep meditative state.  You may feel the actual releases of emotional baggage you no longer need. There is no right or wrong way to feel during and after a session.  We set an intention for the session prior to beginning. You may share as much or as little as you care to with me. It is effective either way.

You should know one energy healing is not a one time fix all. You will know when you are ready for a follow up session. Be secure in knowing that you will be ready for anything that comes up. If it were not ready to be healed it would not have come up in a session.

So, who can benefit from this type of energy healing?

Sessions can benefit many people, whether you have a physical ailment, you are feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed,  or blue,  or if you have that uneasy feeling when you are not even sure what is wrong, if you need energy for a big project, or feel like it’s time to let things go but don’t know how, if you know it is time to move forward but need a little help, maybe you are grieving or just don’t know where to go next. Healing is the next step. Reach out to me and take a leap of faith. I know you won’t regret it.

I’d love to answer any questions you may have.

I wish you healing and serenity.


Are you curious about a healing session?