When East Meets West, Choices In Health Care

Are the approaches used in Eastern Medicine or Western Medicine better, or is holistic healing the best choice? A holistic approach takes into consideration the mind , body and spiritual needs of the person seeking healing. How amazing is it that we can blend our treatments, and select what choices fit our needs.

In Canada it was the norm for years to follow strictly the doctors advice. The train of thought generally is to medicate the symptoms, period. Take these pills for ten days and all is well. This has always baffled me. My busy mind always goes back to  -WHY ? Why did this come about? What in my body was out of balance to allow this to happen ? How can I prevent it from reoccurring ? If I just treat the symptom, wont the underlying cause still be there?

Lets take an infection for example. Typical treatment is a round of antibiotics. In a week or ten days you are cured and good to go right? Or are you? For most women anyway, that’s when more problems occur. We return to the doctor because we now have a yeast infection, for which most likely we will be prescribed a treatment to kill the abundance of yeast growing in our bodies. And why is it growing ? Because while the antibiotics were killing off the bad guys in knocked out the good guys as well. Our stomach flora which aids in digestion and a maintaining a healthy system has been wiped out. Without the good bacteria around to combat the yeast, the yeast was able to take over. So now we are killing the yeast off. The underlying condition of the unbalanced stomach flora remains unaddressed ( as did the underlying cause of the infection). Vicious circle.

In a more holistic healing approach the people taking antibiotics would  also supplement with probiotics. How simple is that ? Grab a bottle of acidophilus or a probiotic complex and start taking them at the tail end of your prescription. Eat some yogurt ! A simple step saves the person an unpleasant yeast infection but also could prevent the onset of much larger digestive issues like Candida.

On the onset of the infection, would there be alternative natural solutions to try before the prescription. Could taking vitamins to provide the daily dose for optimum health be a consideration. Most recommended daily doses are minimums based on prevention of disease. That one shocked me, big difference. The immune system could be boosted by introducing echinacea,vitamin C,a B- complex or garlic. Maybe essential oils would provide relief. Tea tree oil is a must have in my world. I also make a blend similar to the popular Thieves Oil that is amazing.

In my next blog I will share with you one mans journey with cancer and his choices for his personal care. We have worked together mostly in distance sessions. In his words ” There are some kinds of pain that don’t respond well to morphine, or to OxyContin, or to gabapentin, or any of the other concoctions I have been on.  Holistic pain relief comes with a sense of satisfaction and peace that chemical doses don’t provide.   Just as chemotherapy and morphine are the correct treatments, without substitute, when I need them; Reiki was the one and only correct treatment when that was what I needed. Melony is an important part of my health care team and is critical to me when I need what she can provide. ”

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The next time you have an ailment, I invite you to explore all of the treatments available to you. A holistic approach to healing , in my opinion is the best choice.