Distance Healing – Everything is energy

Distance healing is a topic I would like to address, but it’s a hard concept for some to come to terms with. It’s not as difficult when you accept that everything is energy! I work as an energy healer and reiki practitioner in Estevan, Saskatchewan. When I started I would have never imagined that I would do just as many distance healings as I do in person energy sessions.qtq80-7NLgek

Let’s look at ourselves, our energy and the possibilities. We will start with energy basics. You are either vibrating high, or vibrating low. Not vibrating… “Houston we have a problem!”

Vibrating High, Magnetic Maggie

Think of one of those people in your life that you are always jazzed to see. We will call them ‘Magnetic Maggie’. My guess is they are vibrant, full of life and make you feel energized. They are the ones that make you feel like you can take on the world. They charge your batteries.

Now, think about them with an analytical mind. How do they present themselves ? Are their words positive and uplifting? They are magnetic aren’t they? You are drawn to their infectious energy. All you know is you feel better just being around them.

Vibrating Low, Negative Nelly and Friends

For fun let’s change it up. Think of a person that you almost have to psych yourself up when you are going to be in their presence. You know who I’m talking about… ‘Negative Nelly.’ This person has a problem for every solution. Drama follows them closely and stories of how unfair the world is today are at every turn. They get the shitty end of the stick, every darn time!! Did you feel your energy level fade, just thinking about them? I bet you did. If you pay close attention, depending on how sensitive you are, you may even feel them in a different part of your body. These folks just drag you down.

Magnetic Maggie is vibration on an energy level much higher than Negative Nelly. You will feel her up higher in your body when connected energetically, usually in the heart area and moving up to a smiling face and twinkling eyes. Negative Nelly usually is felt in the pit of your stomach making you feel sluggish.

Checking In On Your Current Energetic State

So now, the question of the day. Where are you currently, energetically speaking? No judgment, we are just observing. It is always changing, which is great news. If you don’t like where you are sitting currently, you can change it up!

We all know how to alter our state. Want to feel better? We bust out our checklist of uplifting things to do. First of all call a friend, Magnetic Maggie always knows what to say to perk us up. Movement works.. yoga, go for a walk, dance!! Get centred. What works for you? Do you feel better when creating, writing, playing a sport, getting into nature? What makes you feel plugged in? Positive affirmations can change your state. “I am healthy, happy and grateful to be alive!” Say that out loud three times and feel the power! Maybe get some light and sunshine. Eat clean and be hydrated. Play some music. It is the fast track to a higher vibration. Nothing can get you down when that song comes on. Instant relief. You know the one… an upbeat tempo that encourages more energetic movement.

So what if you don’t feel like changing your state? If you would like to continue to wallow in the muck, I have some suggestions. You could call Negative Nelly. She would love to hostess your pity party. You could reminisce about all the crappy things that have happened. If you have time you could also try to predict all the worse case scenarios of future events. If she is busy, isolating yourself works well too. Eat some junk food, the more processed and sugary the better. Music, oh ya baby. Bust out the hurtin’ tunes, the slow sad ones. Finally draw the shades, sunshine will only raise the low mood!

I am being silly here. I just want to demonstrate that we are all very aware of our current vibration, and how to alter it. Therefore, we can influence this ever-changing state. We all have good days and bad days. We learn how to have more good days by incorporating those things that raise our vibration.

As an energy worker, I use many tools in a healing session. Reiki draws Life Force energy which is the highest vibration of all. Trance healing moves that stagnant, blocked energy that you can’t seem to get moving yourself. Also, colour and sound are used. Yes, they are vibrating energy as well and work wonders. We work together, and I intuitively used the modality best suited for you that day.

But what if you need an energy healing session and don’t find yourself in Estevan, Saskatchewan where I have my holistic healing practice? Since you are just energy, and I am just energy, and the healing is done with high vibrating energy- we can do a distance healing!

I have many clients who choose distance healing. I have never been in the same room as them. I invite you to let the possibility percolate a bit. Meanwhile, pop over to my Testimonial page where you can read about real people just like you, who have had a distance session with me. My next blog will focus on the distance session and how it works.

Lotsa Love,