Making The Connection, A Healing Perspective

I am blessed to work very closely with my clients at Prairie Serenity Holistic Healing. There is a connection that follows as we work through the energy healing session and the consultation. The conversations are deep and wonderful. Here is the thing. We all feel that we don’t quite measure up and that everyone but us has this thing called life figured out. What are we longing for?

Happiness -the feeling of joy, pleasure and good fortune.

Serenity – the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled.

Acceptance – a positive welcome and belonging, favour and endorsement, approval.

So where are we going wrong in our quest? I think it boils down to real conversations. Can we please stop using the automatic response of “fine” every time someone asks how we are? We are expected to be fine, fine is acceptable and doesn’t give anything away,everyone wants to be fine , certainly we want it to appear as if things are all fine. It is fake. We can’t be alright all of the time. The ebb and flow is constantly delivering the good with the bad.

By being brave enough to be vulnerable with friends and family, we open the door for real connection. It cuts them some slack and allows them to be human for a moment. Maybe they also are carrying a heavy load. Having the opportunity to share their burden can be a game changer. Wow, it really is alright not to have it all together, all the time. Happiness, serenity and inner peace all come and go. They are the wonderful states of being, but rarely can be achieved day in and day out. It is what we strive for, living in the sweet spot is blissful !

I believe real connection and vulnerability are the place to start. I was reminded of this yesterday as I visited with a friend. She shared one of those painful past memories. You know the ones with lots of deep rooted feels attached. The ones you carry around feeling like you must be the only one in the whole world to experience it. Then it happened. I said, ” Wow, me too !”
In that moment something magical happened. We connected on a deeper level. I had kept this little secret buried with the other ones that rise up occasionally to say “Psst…Melony, you aren’t good enough”
But now it was changed. I looked at my friend ,who is simply amazing by the way, and knew it only made me love her more. So perhaps if the common scar we share, makes her more beautiful maybe, just maybe ,the same is true for me.

I invite you to have real conversations.It is OK, not to be OK all of the time !

Hugs and Reiki Blessings,

Melony Dew Metaphysical Practitioner/ Reiki Master